Information about the lab

Software that will be used

The packages listed below are going to be used in the lab sessions of the specified days. People can bring their own laptops if they wish with the mentioned software installed. Everything is installed under the GNU/Linux Ubuntu distribution.


  • Matlab. A toolbox will be provided during the lab.


  • Anaconda: Found in the project page. Python distribution including many packages for science, math, engineering and data analysis.
  • Wavesurfer: Found in the repositories, or in the project page. WaveSurfer is an open source tool for sound visualization and manipulation. Several pluggins will be provided during the lab.


  • HTK, HTS, hts_engine. Install first HTK, patch it with HTS afterwards and finally install hts_engine. All must be compiled from projects following the INSTALL instructions.


  • libatlas: found in Ubuntu repositories.
  • graphviz: also found in the official repositories for Ubuntu 14.04, though it is preferred to build it from project for older Ubuntu versions.
  • Kaldi: Compile it from the project following the instructions in INSTALL file


Red Temática en Tecnologías del Habla